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Irish Wiskey Stud

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Jan 19, 2011
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Peace River AB
Have 2 mares foaled out.1 had a dead colt. she is a Suger Bars Mare.
Is getting up in age ,have 6 colts out o her. are great. The other one is a
Pacific Bailey bred. Big heavy muscled powerfull mare. Probably has 1 or 2 more foals left in her. Would love to breed em to your Hairpin Wiskey stud.
that horse could turn me into a horse tief.Just love everything about him.
Think the bloodlines would just click. Do you think that would be possibly.
Know your really busy, running the Waldorf by yourself with your son of
on the rodeo trail. But wish you would think about it.
If I,m ever past there will drop in to look at him and his foals ,bet they are really special.
Phone service hit and miss this far in the bush.but can always check emails when we go out for supplies
Those are exactly the type of mares I think he'd work best on. I wish I'd of had a chance to ride him while he was there he is a nice old stud.

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