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It pays to "phone around" for parts!!

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Feb 10, 2005
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Southwest Manitoba
I have to replace the brake rotors in my pickup so was calling around for parts prices. The local Dodge dealer wants $157.00 each for them. An auto parts supplier can get them for me for $57.95 each.Granted,the cheaper ones maybe aren't the same quality but not $100.00 worth!!!
Had the same thing happen with some bearings a couple years ago_Over $100.00 difference between suppliers on IDENTICAL bearings.
A half hour spent on the phone can save you BIG BUCKS sometimes!!! :shock:
TimH- I think Dodges are the worse- I have 5 Dodge trucks on the place and have found that all Dodge replacement parts from the dealer are about double what you pay for general motors or ford and double what you can get generic parts for.....It definitely pays to shop around-- I've been using a salvage yard for a lot of major parts.... Those guys can jump on their computers and find the part and usually have it in a couple of days......
OT, I use parts from salvage yards when I can too. I'm pretty lucky when it comes to farm equip. parts, because my neighbor,2 miles away, runs a salvage yard.Way too handy when you need something FAST!!
Can't complain about my Dodge truck,though. It's my own fault the rotors are screwed.Should have changed the pads long ago. It's got 250,000 km. on it(about 155,000 miles) and it's been a tough truck.
Still like my '76 Ford 1 ton the best!!! :D

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