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It worth it!

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Feb 11, 2005
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Cabin Creek, Carlile,Wyoming
Good day, well not at first. bale trailer need a new tire. Got that replaced at Krutes, Hauled a couple loads home from the Neighbor. Get home and started on Lunch when I hear Sue say heifer, calving, Sack. Get over there and Alia and I drive around where we could thru the snow, The heifers down on her side there a leg ouyt to the shoulder and the heads all the way out the calf gasping so I jump of run down rip the sack. Heifer jumps up and goes aroud the tree and spins a couple times dropping the calf on it head and back. So go over and grip a hind leg pull it out in the sunshine then shew the heifer back to her calf. Then back to the 4-wheeler to have Alia talk about the baby calf being born. Alia is 3 years old.

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