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Feb 10, 2005
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ennis, montana
GOOD MORNING, ALL!!! it's me, your friendly insomniac just wanting to wish everyone a beautiful friday!!! i have a few jokes in mind, so be looking for them to be posted later!! still trying to get used to this new format, so hang in there!!! the weather here on the cameron flats is suppose to be beautiful, upper 30's and sunshine, which means more of the snowpack in the peaks will melt, but we are praying for a very wet spring and early summer!! glad to see that so many familiar "faces" have signed up and hope continue to do so!!! look forward to hearing from you through the day!! Take care, God bless and for those who are busy calving out (shelly, you come to mind!!), Happy Calving (may you be blessed with fat, healthy babes!!)...
The weather here in western Nebraska in the 60's today and yes we need some moisture in a very bad way. Hope everyone has a beautiful day, and lots of luck calving
Good morning to you, too. Weather's fairly nice here also, but it is windy. Don't know why I even went out to look at the cows, no new calves. Haven't had one since Tuesday. I think the cows are waiting for colder weather!

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