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Japan Panel Rules on Relaxing Cow Standards

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Feb 10, 2005
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Montgomery, Al
Problem: 70% of Japanese consumers still question US beef safety.

Asia ; Majority of Japanese against quick lifting of ban on US beef imports:
16 minutes Ago

[Asia News] TOKYO: More than 70 percent of Japanese oppose lifting a 15-month-old ban on US beef imports any time soon, a poll showed, as experts were to meet in a potential step to resuming the trade.

Japan has come under intense US pressure, including threats of sanctions, to resume imports of US beef, which were suspended in December 2003 over safety concerns after a mad cow case in a US herd.

The weekend poll of 1,080 adults nationwide by the Mainichi Shimbun found 71 percent said Japan "should not hastily resume imports", more than four times more than the 17 percent who supported resumption in the near future.

The Food Safety Commission, a government panel, is to hold a meeting Monday of experts on prion, the rogue protein that causes brain-wasting mad cow disease, or bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE).
The important thing to remember is that Japan screwed up royally in their handling of BSE: They were actively importing & feeding ruminant material right up to their first case of BSE and their govt. nearly fell in the ensuing investigations. The result was a massive loss of consumer confidence and the move to blanket testing. It was not a matter of following the science or of food safety but rather saving face and remaining in power! Their own health dept. which covers testing is rebelling at the high cost but is being blocked by their Ag. dept! This market will reopen but on their own timelines and will take some time to reestablish.
I was just wondering how the Japanese cattleman is looking at cattle trade with the US beeing closed. Has anyone seen anything on this? If he is like the Us cattleman he wants the border closed so his prices can stay up. Hummm Land owners putting pressure on the goverment?

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