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japanese beetles-HELP

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Mar 11, 2005
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northeast nebraska
do any of you know how to get RID of them?? the winter has been so easy here that as soon as the temp gets above 45 F, they're crawling around the house!

spray outside? with what? spray inside? with what? they've REALLY gotten bad the past 2-3 yrs. and they BITE. any help is much appreciated as always.
Earlier someone posted about Japanese Beetles but what they were actually talking about were Asian beetles which look like a larger version of ladybugs but invade houses. Japanese Beetles are a metalic greenish color. You might do best to call your Ag extension agent and give them a description of the bug to make sure you're treating for the right thing. Here is a picture off the internet

(I was interested to read the Asian ones' exudate can cause sinus problems.)
all i can say is, i have GOT to stop getting on here so late! you all are right, it's ASIAN beetles (don't ask me why i posted "japanese", ok?)

at any rate, it's interesting to me that they "cause" sinus problems, too, nr. i always have sinus problems in the winter, but this year has been the worst. i just wonder if it's indeed due to our mild winter; the bugs have been low numbers, but a constant irritation. no prolonged freezes.

NOW iwonder if west nile won't be bad around here this summer due to the same factors...

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