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jessie-canisphere pups

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Mar 11, 2005
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northeast nebraska
i wonder if i can get a pup onto a bullrack coming south?? for my needs, a pup that isn't show quality is perfect! i think maybe for yours, too. so they aren't physically perfect, who cares? the "rejects" are just as good--the breeding is there for what i require: a good dog who knows what's "right" and what's not, and who let's you know when it's "not".

and, as an extra little perk, knows a little about herding,eh?

i'll never forget the time i took my shepherd to the vet for a 4" long gash across his ribs (i thought he needed stitches), the dog growled at the vet when he appeared in the doorway; the vet said "looks ok to me", then told me he'd rather work on a Dobe than a Shepherd any day "..shepherd's think too much..."

now, i love my Dobe, he's a complete sweetheart, but i know what that vet meant. but i also never used him again (the chickensh#t).

at any rate--keep us posted on your pup search. and POST PICS!!!!!!
When I met the man he was shipping every where....If your serious email him. He answers in a few days. He does wranglin jobs for the movies out here too.
The line is very smart. I never took Izzy to the free classes when I should have. He still knew what to do. You did not come in the house unless with me or my male child if you did he would hold you by your arm and clamp down until you stopped tryin to move.
Or when my boss picked me up once he pinned him to the wall, Izzy stood on his hind legs front ones on the guys shoulder and nose to nose.
Outside for walks he was fine wanted to play alot. Unless one of us got upset then he was the protective dog again.
He guarantees the ears up and the hind end.
For the breeding sheeetttt the hair length doesn't matter if it is not for show.
I should try to scan a pic of Izzy.
As for vets yup the do get a little nervous dealing with him also.
i just might email him--i have an older (8+ yrs) lab cross, and a 6 yr old Dobe. i love 'em both, but the cross dog is getting to the point of no return, poor girl...and she's the "guard" dog--the Dobe'll go with whoever opens a car door!!

they are both "rescue dogs", which i feel is a moral imperative: there are SO many really good dogs on the ground, i think i can get good dogs who need someone who will allow them to fulfill their potential without giving these puppy mills an incentive to keep on breeding crap, that i really kind of hate to buy a pup. even a really well-bred one.

the Dobe was "over-corrected", among other things, and it's a challenge to work him. he needs praise at every little thing he does right, but he's SO smart, that as soon as i reposition him when he gets lax or over-excited, the next trip, he does it right and he LIVES for a "good boy".

i got him as a 3 yr old, and he really is rewarding both in helping him grow to his own potential, revising his attitude toward his handler and showing me that i CAN make a silk purse out of a sow's ear :roll: at least with a few dogs....

maybe i should have gone into the "corrections system for dogs" for a career.. :???: instead of the fat cattle business.. :roll:
A big thumbs up for your moral imperative. You can have the dog correction number going and the fat cattle :) Got me a cheeecky horse...do ya do horses :wink:
I think your reasons for the animal choices is very heart warming.
sorry it takes me so long to get back here, but--SOMEONE was messing with my computer friday (while i was at work trying to buy cattle cheaper-of course..!), and it took 3 hrs on the phone to even get internet access again.

at any rate, i would do horses if i could afford them, i have the barn/pasture/facilities, just not the bucks. sold my last horse 5 years ago to buy a mower for the OTHER acre. but, that's the way it goes in life. i do love 'em, but don't know NEAR what i'd like to about them, like FH, Soapweed, Jinglebob, etc, etc. they're just oo expensive to maintain for a hobby for me at this point. but one day i'll have another just to fart around with--once the kids are out of the house, right?

at least i can afford the dogs...

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