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Joshua Hulse -Reasons for inconsistency in beef

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Feb 10, 2005
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Montgomery, Al
Dear Joshua, According to a study by Montana State University the reasons for inconsistency in beef today is:

1-Too much emphasis on matching the cow to the production environment vs. matching the calf to the marketing environment.

2-Fierce pride in producer individuality and independence vs. strategic alliances and cooperative relationships.

3-Commodity based marketing vs. value based based marketing.

4-Consumer preference vs. producer preference.

5-Systematic crossbreeding vs. mongrelization of the cowherd.

From another study:
"More than half the beef which is marketed in the US is produced by herds of less than 40 cows yielding an overwhelming majority of the highest grading carcasses, due in part to the selection of superior sires."

What say you, Josh?

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