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Judge Rejects AMI Lawsuit Request

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WASHINGTON, March 7 (Reuters) - A federal judge rejected a
request from U.S. meatpackers to fully open the U.S. border to
beef and live cattle from Canada, dealing another blow to trade
that has been interrupted since Canada's first domestic case of
mad cow disease in May 2003.
The clerk's office for the U.S. District Court in
Washington said on Monday that Judge John Penn issued a brief
order on Friday.
A lengthier explanation of Penn's findings will be issued
in the near future, according to the clerk's office.
The American Meat Institute (AMI) asked the judge to issue
a preliminary injunction against the U.S. Agriculture
Department's 2003 trade ban stemming from Canada's outbreak of
mad cow disease.
The AMI argued for a full opening of the border to trade,
especially the resumption of imports of live Canadian cattle
over 30 months of age. Some meatpacking plants in the U.S. have
traditionally relied on Canadian cattle for some of their
The U.S. border was to have reopened on Monday to imports
of live cattle from Canada under 30-months-old.
But in a separate lawsuit, a federal judge in Montana last
week temporarily blocked USDA's rule easing the ban on Canadian
cattle under 30-months-old. R-CALF USA, a rancher group, wants
to keep the U.S. border closed to Canadian cattle and beef as
well as stop Canada's current exports of boxed beef from
younger cattle.
A USDA spokesman on Monday said the Bush administration was
still weighing whether to appeal the Montana judge's ruling.
When AMI filed its lawsuit in federal court in Washington,
D.C., a few months ago, it sought to expand USDA's rule to
allow imports of all cattle from Canada regardless of age.
Meatpackers contend they have lost billions of dollars and have
been forced to shutter some plants because of the lack of
cattle to keep plants running efficiently.
Good luck getting any export markets back with your court rulings and Senate votes . If all our beef is unsafe so is yours in the eyes of the rest of the world. They see you as the same risk so just keep hammering away and the final nail you pound will be in your own coffin. Not to mention the consumer confidence you are destroying in the US , remember what Cebull said in his ruling 1.7 million cattle entered the US in 2002 can you find them and the one imported for years before so they don't threaten the health of your consumers? No, so any beef they eat in the US could be canadian beef even if we don't export one more pound of beef to you. How do you tell your consumers they are safe eating beef in the US Oldtimer when you can't prove where the already imported Canadian cattle are and Our beef is tainted and unsafe and a threat to their health? Good luck saving your industry for your fearmongering crap.

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