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June pictures

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Dec 8, 2006
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Hole in the ground SW Sk
Anyone need an Australian Shepherd pup?

A Common Nighthawk on a truck box one morning.

A Shorthorn cow

And her sire at 9 yrs old.


This is our youngest son at his Graduation. He turned out smarter than me, I only had one grad escort!
Faster horses said:
Nice looking graduate there. The girls dresses are too short. (but what
do I know?) :wink:

You are giving that cute pup away??? Why???

That is a gorgeous shorthorn cow and calf.

Thanks for the pictures!

Those are MI dresses FH, there isn't enough for a MINI. :wink:

Congratulations to your youngest coyote. Thanks for the photos.

Careful those easy fleshers don't grass founder. :D
Congratulations to your son upon his graduation.

A good speech and a mini skirt have in common that they both should be short enough to be of interest and long enough to cover the subject. :wink:
That pup would find a home here in a heartbeat if we were a bit closer. We still haven't found a dog to fill the space left by our last two that we lost this spring. Man I miss a dog but it's hard to get a new one when you've had such good ones in the past. But that pup would do it for sure.
Great pictures! :D I see you're running my favorite camera too. :D :D
Mine crashed, but I got a "new to me" one off of ebay. Hopefully it will be here soon so I can shoot pictures with more clarity again.
I like your cow/calf pair. :)

Burnt, there is always a way to get that pup to you without to much difficulty. :wink: :)
My neighbour also has some Aussie/Border Collie cross pups available.

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