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Just a few random thoughts

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May 8, 2005
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I was just sitting here enjoying a few quiet moments while waiting for the crew to arrive. Susie is saddled and munching on oats in the barn, I think she would sell her soul for a bucket of oats and maybe she already has. The dark had a really soft feel to it this morning as there isn't a breath of a breeze and it is only 26 degrees. The few replacement heifers, 4H steer and a couple of misc calves still here started raising a ruckus when they heard the oat buckets rattle Funny how they went from wild last saturday when they were weaned to almost running you over to get a few oats and hollering for more whenever someone walks by the pen. Sure hope today goes as well as yesterday as the bunch of cows we pregged yesterday handled really quiet and easy and bred up over 96% even with all the trouble I had with bulls last spring. Well I guess one more cup of coffee and I better get going, still got a few things to do before everyone gets here. Thanks for listening to my ramblings. Hope you all have a good day. Go easy Cowboyup

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