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Just got a check from Tyson...Agman

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Feb 10, 2005
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NE Oregon
Did very well. I averaged $1.53 on the rail About $1150/head......

83 % graded choice with the Majotiry choice 2's....

I did have one classified as a Holstien. I need to call the buyer and see who is calling this and why. I can only think of a grey hiefer, but I sent what looked to be a full sister that wasn't called that.

I see some of the high prices right now as related to shortages caused by weather. This could seemingly caus some bunching of cattle finishing in the next few months. Also, a lot of calves didn't go to winter grazing, but were put on feed. Agman, I am just wondering if you see more cattle coming to market soon? Seems to me that we typically see seasonal highs around April, but I wonder if it might flatten or even decline,


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