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just him and ol' blue

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Jan 3, 2010
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The cowboy was a cry'n---as he stood there alone
he just lost a friend---and a good chapperone
lay'n on a bed roll---no longer alive
his friend died of a cancer---on the last cattle drive

as he buried him on a hill---over look'n the herd
now quiet and still---not a sound could be heard
he thought about Heaven---where good friends meet
would his friend be there?---wouldn't that be neat

with one eye green---and one eye blue
the cowdog was a friend---both faithful and true
as he remembered the past---both the good and the bad
the cattle drives and roundups---were now gonna be sad

with no more storms---or life to battle
as he keeps watch---over land and cattle
he lost a good friend---this is true
stand'n on a hill---just him and ol' blue.

written by richard
A dog is more than "just a dog"
Shoer and I were talking about our favorite dogs and I know I started crying for the loss of my "bookie bear" its been almost 20 years WOW..since she crossed the rainbow bridge.
I could hear the loss in shoer voice talking about Clyde..he was his last cowdog...I hope it helps some with his loss to have clydes daughter.....

Richard sending prayers in your journey and insepiration with your poems to share with all of us.
Nice poem, balestabber. One of our dogs got run over by a tractor this morning, and the jury is still out whether or not he will make it. Lightning was popping, the thunder was booming, and the two dogs were trying to get under anything for protection. We were trying to get a few more bales from some windrowed hay that didn't get baled last night. We did get about a dozen made before it started to pour. Ended up getting seven tenths of an inch of quite welcome rain, but feel bad for our dog, General. Hopefully he'll pull through.
Soap been thinking about your dog while doing all my travels LOL today. Been sending prayers and hope he has turned the corner and is starting to get better.....

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