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just one house on a hill

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Feb 11, 2005
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Cabin Creek, Carlile,Wyoming
The old ranch back in Star Valley We had big, irrigated meadows under a big knoll that was out in the middle of the valley. There were peeper fogs salamanders, ground nesting owls, dragonfly's, mosquitoes, deer and horse flies, plenty of geese and duck. In the spring hundreds of sandhill cranes would land and stay on the meadow. they tolerate us dragging, fixing fence and moving cows. they dance, some would nest, and when irrigating one of the nesting pair acted like a killdeer with a hurt wing and try and lead you away from the nest. Dad sisters got some land divided off the ranch. Most all of it was on the knoll, later it got sold, then sold again, then on the very top a big house got built. The next few years instead of hundreds of sandhill there were only a few dozen. Show how just one house can change wildlife patterns

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