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K-State BB Coach To SEC

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Feb 10, 2005
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Montgomery, Al
COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) — Frank Martin said he didn't leave Kansas State because of problems with Wildcat officials or administrators.

The new Gamecocks basketball coach said his team at Kansas State was on the rise and poised to continue one of the most successful runs in school history. But Martin said the opportunity at South Carolina was too good to pass up.

Martin spoke with The Associated Press on Tuesday. He has said he and Kansas State athletic director John Currie parted on good terms. Martin said it was the passion he felt from Gamecock leaders to compete at the highest levels that influenced his decision.

Martin also said moving to the East Coast was more convenient for seeing family in his hometown of Miami and his wife Anya's home of New York City.
I think the last line is the only true one in the statement. I really think that is was a done deal midway through the season that he would leave after the season was over...the team just made a complete mental turn around about 3/4 into the season.....Frank is intense, and passionate...but has a hard time getting through to those who do not react well to fear..... also the f-word laden coaching philosophy was not setting well with those who had younger kids sitting near the front row.....

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