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Kant Sucks

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Feb 10, 2005
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NE Oregon
Well, I tried these on some fall calving pairs. Took a bit to figure them out. Results are as follows-

30% of the calves had to be redone the next day. I took a pair of pliers and really tightened the wingnut.

one of them lost the plastic ball on the nose part, so it wasn't operator error.

2 calves had them out two days later.

One heifer I swear has become an artist at getting hers out. Sems like i find them along a fence line like they are hooking them and pulling them off.

Cows bellered a fair amount first two days. Silent on the third day.

I see a couple of calves are smart enough to manipulate a teat around these things, but mothers bags are pretty engourged, so I am thinking they aren't getting much.

Will see in a few days when I pull the cows out.

Calves have been creep fed and vaccinated three times. They are growing well and hopefully will see minimal sickness.

PPRM up here in Sask. they have developed a plastic one. Have improved it atleast once . I haven't used them but have a couple of friends that have but I think the jury is still out. We gather and wean but if doing shots a few days ahead they might work great.
And here when I first read the title of this thread i figured you were expressing your disgust with one of your politicians by the name of "Kant". :lol: :lol: :lol:
Actually, these work better than most politicians, lol.

I felt weaning went well, but tired of putting these dang things back in. trying to wean early, maybe they aren't designed for calves this young. Did tire of finding where plastic ball had fallen off the end of the nose peice,

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