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Katrina and the curlews

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Feb 10, 2005
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South Central Sd
I will put this on a separate thread.

First, I do not know for sure, but I do not think we have a preditor control district here. We really don't have very much of a preditor problem, although some do have some losses to coyotes.

I have not seen any curlews here yet, although I have not ventured far from my place so far, when I get to my fence repairing I may see them. I did see a pair of kildeer about a month ago, when we had that little snow, didn't see them again until yesterday. A few days before that time, I saw the first meadow larks. This was the first spring I noticed them here in flocks. It sounds reasonable, though, that they would still appear in flocks when they first arrive here. A few meadow larks sometime winter here, but I didn't see any this past winter.

Curlews and Kildeers are interesting to watch, especially the curlew. They are so protective of their young. The curlew will not only try to lead you away from it's young or it's nest but even when in the air will set up quite an alarm. Will try to drive you away with it's distress call. Not the regular curlew-curlw call, but with an eeb-eeb-eeb-eeb call.
Clarence, Thanks for replying. I have not been out of the calving lot, so was wondering what I was missing. Remember the spring we had all those heavy snows? All the dead kilder were everywhere. We had one hole up in our calving shed that year. Was so sad. We picked them up if they were still alive and take them to a shelter, but I don't think very many lived.
Curlews are my favorite bird. It can be down right spooky riding across the prairie when they have there babies. Didn't someone say that when the curlews came one more snow? Right????
Did you get a frost last night? It was 22 degrees here last night. We covered our fruit trees that were blooming and I see the wheat looks pretty dark. Stay Safe Clarence.......

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