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Kay Homan, Premier Artist of the West

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Mar 20, 2005
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Wow! Thanks Tumbleweed for telling us about Kay Homan! I think her art of the West is just fantastic. She even did a good job on her painting of you and your dog, but I do have a couple of questions.

First, what is this "quietude" in the middle of the day all about? Heck, it's not even raining! Ha! Also, you said something about that being the last dog you had. Did you mean the last one before the one you have now, or the last one period? If it was your last one, period, I know where you can get another one if you need one.

Thanks again, Tumbleweed, for telling us about Kay. Use this link to go to my blog, read a little more about Kay and then use the link there to see some of her work including the painting of Tumbleweed. It will be worth your time if you love the art of the West!

Pointrider I'm glad you and Reader enjoyed Kays paintings and site. These are just a few of so many that she has done.

The quietude is while I was repairing a bridle, thinking about the work at hand and probably the struggles as well as the rewards of ranch life. My dog Hank was watching my saddle horse outside the barn who was waitin to see what we was gonna do next like maybe get him some oats to eat.

Hank was my last dog and died not long after that scene that Kay painted. He was a favorite with me and that makes this painting real special to me.

I chose not to get another dog because I enjoy seeing the wildlife up close around here. Have turkeys that roost in the trees every night, squirrels, rabbits, deer, ocasionaly fox, coyotes, bobcats and all kinds of birds that hang around the house and are my new pets. Cattle and horses are usually in sight to. So for the moment I'm content with what I have now, but thanks for the offer on another dog.

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