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Kid Brag!!!!

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Northern Rancher

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Feb 10, 2005
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Just gonna brag on Megan and Ty a bit-they've put in a long hard week-been up at 6'00 and hitting the hay at 10'00 P'M. We had to brand a couple hundred cows this summer and between sorting and brand inspecting seems like every nice day they've been working cows. Now football has started so Ty has a 21/2 practice every night then hauls square bales when he gets home. One more day of cow sorting and branding were done but schools gonna start-hope they forgive the old man for swiping their 'lake' time-after all they'll be picking the old folks home i go in lol.
I've been wanting to brag about our great weekend, so thought I'd add my moments. Our adult son had a great nice racing at the figure eight track this weekend. He won the A feature and took 3rd place in the standings for the year. Of course we all acted like we were crazy in our happiness. It did reaffirm to me how great family and friends are. We would be so lonely without them. It sounds like you have raised great kids with good work ethics.
Did they complain much? Probably not. BTW, make sure you tell them how proud you are of them. It's just coming across in waves when you talk about your kids! :)

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