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Kids and horses

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Oct 12, 2009
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Northern Sandhills Just East of Soapweed
I was pretty excited this week, my daughter found a couple more horses she can ride comfortably. She rode the black mare, Moon, one day after we picked her up from school, there was nothing else and she wanted to ride. Yesteday we were pregging some cows, my wife was riding Casper, my palimino, and decided to switch and ride Rylie's old mare. When we finished Rylie had climbed on Casper and away she went. That makes 4 out of 6 head that we currently own that I would call safe for an experienced child.:) I have to admit that there are probably not very many 4yr olds that ride as well as Rylie does, none the less she is still only 4. I will post some pictures when I get time.

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