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last branding

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Feb 14, 2005
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Went to the last branding the other day, beautiful day, good people, great food, cold beer, and I kept going over this poem smiling all day long. So thought I would put it up here again with new pics.

When I get to heaven,
I'm sure He'll let me go.
Even with the bad things
I'm sure He has to know.

When my time has come tho,
I'll ride through the pearly gates,
For all of my good deeds,
He won't make me wait.
Soon as I get through there,
He will hand me the lead,
Of the best and fastest,
Of the angel steeds.
One that has no buck,
One that can do anything.
Good one to rope from,
Make your jinglebobs ring.

"Got a job for you"
Comes the order from the Boss.
"We've got to brand the calves,
Git up there on that hoss."
My job is to bring them,
Two hocks does my rope hold.
Those were the best words, I think
That I've ever been told.

My fate is to drag calves
For all eternity,
Can't believe the luck
Or what He did for me.
Every day from now on,
My chinks I get to wear,
And every day from now on,
There's the smell of burning hair.

From now on I ride
A horse that never tires,
And all day long,
We are dragging
Calves to the branding fire.

At the end of the day
We'll all sit down
And have us a big feast,
Of course you know the menu,
It has got to be roast BEEF!
That was simply an awesome Poem!! Beautiful country,horse and cattle. Hope I make it up there'cause that is exactly where I want to be-with the branding crew or simply the cattle. You know,moisture when needed,no cattle trouble, good weather. Bet that is what my Dad's been doing the last month up there along with a good crew.
Rowdy Ranch,
I could rope calves every day of the year, maybe in another 40 or 50 years I can spend time with your dad, I ain't leavin here this soon I hope!
Sorry for your loss. BTW, I gave my camera to wifey, she took alot of pictures that day, I have a palomino horse, a silver belly hat cause I'm a good guy. I also have a smile cause I was a roping pig that day, even traded horses and kept roping, nobody had the nerve to tell me to get off so I roped till the end. I did start the day pushing cows up the alley, they all had to be branded too, new owners of the ranch, some how I never held a calf. Nothing wrong with this picture :lol:
Enjoyed the hospitality SW. Thanks for the pics and the poem.

Good outlook on the passing of your Dad Rowdy!

I like this thread and "I don't like nuthin".
Now here is an optical illusion~on the third picture, it looked to me at first that you were dragging that calf across a BRIDGE! I thought, "why in the world would anyone set a branding up so they have to drag calves across a bridge?" I looked at it several times, and it still looked like a bridge. Wasn't until the last two photos that I figured out it was a corral plank, not a bridge. Go back and look if you can see how I was deceived!!

Interesting, huh?

It's hell to get old!!

Nice pictures, nice day, nice country, nice horses!! Nice subject!
Thanks for sharing!
SW you had better come up and start dickering with my daughter for a couple more palaminos as she has a yearling filly and her mare had another foal the other day and it's a stud and looks to be another palamino. Our stud is a buckskin and her mare is a brown but has a buckskin grandma. :cowboy:
Your postings are never a disappointment, sw!!!! have to show these to the 9 year old as he has BOTH tapes about worn out!!!! :shock: :shock: we get to brand the "final 100" on the fourth! Would have had them all done a few weeks ago if we had not run out of vaccines! :wink:

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