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Feb 16, 2005
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South East Texas
Between baby sittin Thumper...and gettin the garden in...I've been doin some painting on furniture. Here's the last couple projects I've completed in the last couple weeks.

Table before

Table After

Chest of Drawers Before

Chest of Drawers After

Your work shows that this world is a more beautiful place because of your touch. It's quite a gift that you have been given!
burnt said:
Your work shows that this world is a more beautiful place because of your touch. It's quite a gift that you have been given!

I agree!!! She is truly creative and has great talents! Would you consider selling these pieces at a trade show?
Basil....when I first started doing these type pieces...I fully intended to find used older furniture to paint and sell. I've sold a few pieces....but am having a terrible time finding used furniture that's all wood and at a price that I can buy and redo to sell and keep it affordable. What's happened is...I started a page on Facebook called B'roque Cowgirl...and people are having me redo some of their existing furniture. Since my first piece new years....I have done a se of end tables and a coffee table that's similar to this. A small nightstand and a saddle stand for a benefit auction. One nightstand that I bought redone and sold. Then a glass fronted cabinet...another coffee table.....and I have several folks lined up to bring me bedroo
Sets and a dining table. I don't really have that much time to do my own stuff to sell now. Lol I'm not complaining at all...it's just kinda went a different direction than I had originally planned. I would love to do a trade show....but can't seem to build up an inventory. Lol
Soapweed I have posted a few things on a horse forum I go to...and have several girls painting their own furniture now. It's fun for me...and I enjoy sharing. And it's neat to see their stuff when they get it done and see their sense of accomplishment. :)
Beautiful Jersey Lilly!!! :clap:

My dad bought me an antique ranch style dining room table , it must have been the go to place for many years and it needs a ton of work . Now I know who to go to for tips and ideas when I start to refinish it this summer . :D

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