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Lazy morning

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bar o ranch

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May 14, 2011
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After spraying this bunch for flies they decided to lay down and relax with us for a while before we had to get to haying. We used UltraBoss this morning so hopefully we'll have better lasting power with it. Cattle stand real well to be sprayed with the help of a small amount of corn. Treated one more new case of pinkeye with the Medi-dart pole - have good luck with it sometimes, but alot of our cows kick it off before it injects all the antibiotic. Finally got the wheat/alfalfa baled - looked pretty brown after getting rained on. Guess they can use it to lay on this winter. :roll:
Don't write that hay/wheat off yet. We baled some spoiled wheat up one year and the cattle loved it and actually got q lot of good out of it.
Always fun to see the patterns on the mottle-faced calves. Maybe we should call this one "Bandit" Soapweed. :wink: Thanks for the encouragement on the wheat/alfalfa Burnt. Our cattle are good at sorting out what they can eat and using the rest as bedding. :p They run outside 365 days a year, and enjoy laying on the hay when it's cold or wet out - or even sometimes when it's sunny.

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