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Left over vaccines?

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Mar 26, 2005
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I know the label say use entire contents upon opening on most if not all vaccines. But I know of some guys thats save the half of a bottle and use it later, even our vets brother does that. Does it lose its effectiveness? Or are they worried about contamination? If so what if only a clean needle went in.
I'm guessing we're talking about live vaccine here. It may well be allright, but saving it is fools gold when a shot costs a buck and is worth $50 of protection. Waste is always an isue in any business, but throw away the vaccine. Buy some 10 dose 50 dose and 100 dose so you can get close to your count btw 10 dose is about the same per dose as 50 dose.

One of the major drug companies had a semi stolen, and they found the trailer full of vaccine in the Sonoran desert after a week or 10 days - no refer. The vaccine was still effective. There used to be a vaccine company called Franklin I think, famous for very low efficacy. Buy drugs where they refridgerate immediately upon receiving that means not at the farm supply store.
Im very frugal hence the name but will not keep any thing that is mixed. the label says mix only what can be used in a hour let alone days. Sometimes a penny saved costs a dime.
Baling wire,

I am talking about killed vaccines which don't require mixing, such as vira-shield and triangle 9. I know of several people, including our vets brother, that use what they need and save the rest for another working later on. Just wondering if they are still effective. I get mine in 10 dose bottles but always have about half left over.
killed vacs should be ok for almost the rest of your life. live or modified-live, i wouldn't keep for more than 2 yrs.

But then again, i don't know if i, personally would use old (from last yr) modified-live or live vacs. it's not worth taking the chance that they're no good just to save abuck.
Toss it if you re-use the needle. It's the needle that's been in a calf, and then back in the bottle that will ruin it. If the bottle only sees a new sterile needle, it should be OK. Make sure you don't drop it and get 'stuff' on the little rubber top. :? The bottle top needs to be absolutely uncontaminated.

Toss it if you don't keep it cold ALL THE TIME. That means out of the sun and in a cooler or better yet, the fridge, between syringe fillings.

We will use a partial bottle if we only have a couple of calves to vaccinate, but we take just the number of doses we need, put them in a syringe with a brand new needle, and leave the vaccine in the fridge in the house.
needles are cheap insurance: i hate working for someone who's so cheap you use them till they're so barbed it actually takes muscle to give an injection....

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