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Let Er Ride

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Mountain Cowgirl

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Mar 19, 2021
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N.E. Oregon
Let Er Ride
by MC

You know girl sometimes best to let things slide
Take a firm stance then walk and step with a glide
That is what he meant but with old cowboy pride
One of few words simply said, girl, just let er ride

I was ten then, a real woopie tie yi yo cowgirl mounted on hoof
And not about to listen to my old Texas uncle with snow on his roof
So I went thundering off through the mesquites after a breakaway steer
And while a 14 hands fall doesn’t sound like much of a story to hear

It is all in the details of that fall, the nitty-gritty, that made it hard to bare
You see my chaps didn’t fully protect my backside from that prickly pear
The old paint nudged me as to say you silly girl you were extremely lucky
Old auntie scolded, old uncle just said “let er ride” his trademarked horse pucky

Now at seventy one I think about that ancient time
Before I get riled and violently share a piece of my mine
Let er ride is great advice before one has a fit
But notice I didn’t say I do, I said I think about it

On a recent rural walk I pondered and composed these lines
Looking out in the distance where the desert meets the pines
Thinking of the changes and all the rules we must abide
I know what my old uncle meant by his “let er ride.”

Confront life and take a firm unyielding stance
Don’t go thundering off before choreographing your dance
Backing off and not crowding instead facing that steer
Would have saved me a painful poke right in the posteer

My cowboy cousins upon hearing about the thorn in my patoot
Laughed until they hee hawed, my dilemma was such a hoot
Suffering embarrassment and shame, I searched for a place to hide
If only I had known what old uncle meant by "Let Er Ride!"
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