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Feb 10, 2005
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ennis, montana
good morning, to all my rancher friends!! went to work lastnight despite feeling as though i had been run over my a small semi-truck :? when i left work at 7 am, i found my little subaru outback buried in snow!! yep, good old montana springtime weather....got about 6 inches in town and here at the ranch about 8 inches so far and still coming down hard!!! the white stuff is wet and heavy and we have some downed power lines in our lane....makes for an interesting drive home :shock: weather channel says this could be here a day or two...or three :roll: well, could use the moisture, so won't complain.....kept the kids home because the highways were nothing but slush and too risky having them out there with all the "crazies" who do not understand how to drive in these conditions :wink: anyway, hope all of the rest of you are doing good!! i tested positive for influenza A this morning, so i am gonna go find some really good drugs :wink: and go to bed for a day or two....or three :D may each of you have a wonderful day (even for a monday) and keep on smiling!!!

I have a good friend whose remedy is a six-pack and two aspirin; repeat as necessary. Feel better soon!
baling wire said:
Forget the nasty tasting theriflu and double the dosage of Schnapps.

just might have to give this one a try...especially since i am scheduled to be back to work tomorrow morning (damned old nursing shortage...even when we are sick, we gotta be there...hmmmm....sounds like you ranchers!!) :wink:
sorry about your flu Ranchwife and hope it gets better for sure.
I need to ask a question and hope you don't mind as i see you are from Ennis Mont and our son has a freind that live up that way and he goes and hleps them brand sometime and am wondering if you have heard of them at all.
The name is Koenig and won't mention any first names until i see if you have heard of them. Really an oldetime outfit i guess.
The grandson called from Billings at noon and said they had 8 inches of snow and it ws a mess there this morning. He dirve delivery truck and wasn't easy going i guess. HAd let up when he called and teh streets were getting better.
We got a half inch of rain and it is cloudy and msity today at this time 2'30 and looks like it could get heavier but not looking ot promising and could use more. That snow would have gave us water for the dams but messy calving but are winding down good now so could have goitten teh heavy ones in teh shed but the babies outside would have had to fend for themselves but wouldn't they like the green grass later on.
All comes in handy anyway and will need lots more or some bossies will be heading down teh road come around the 10th of may.
ok take care and hope you are feeling better. Take you are a nurse and a ranchwife. I have a sister who is one of those nice ladies also.
Bev in West dakota :)

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