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Let's talk about Chi machines

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Feb 11, 2005
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NE WY at the foot of the Big Horn mountains
Chi machine sounds wonderful. I went to ebay and there are several on there. Would you that know something about these machines tell me which one to purchase? I'd rather not pay $200, unless those are the absolute best.


And maybe they would work on a sprained neck?
My Dad uses one and my sister as well. They cost close to $800 new and one was advertised up here for $170. I imagine hardly used as the lady hasn't had it that long. I am ot sure about helping your neck as my Dad's neck is stiff but then he has 23 or so years on you.

On another note I am waiting for a call from Roger to meet him to pick up a ton of mineral. Haying is going slow as I just got cutting. Pretty light crop so far and it might not get any better. The rain was late and short here and my stands are getting some age on them.
WEll, gosh, too bad I couldn't make arrangements for Roger to pick up the machine...do you know where it is? Why is the lady selling it?

Oh, I don't have a sprined neck~I mentioned that because Sierraman had the next topic on sprained necks~ :wink:

Our hayfields are old as well, so we aren't getting the hay yield some of the neighbors are, but it is still good. There are some clouds coming in from the west so maybe we'll get a little moisture.

Vigortone has more mineral formulas available in Canada. I think it is under the name of Provini. You might ask Roger about that, as he would know more than I on what is available for Canada. For anyone else wanting to know about it, just go to the website. Or ask, and I will try and find out for you.
If you think you want the machine I will get Dad to call the lady. She would probably deliver it to us as she is one of the local JW that stop in to visit to often. I haven't heard from Roger as when I am to meet him altho I hope soon.
cowsense said:
BMr.....if the JW's are visiting regular they must be convinced they"re close to a conversion :wink: :shock: :shock:

Were just to nice to them. We also run cattle next to their crop so don't need to make any enemies.
OK but I'm sure gonna watch what kind of propaganda you're handing out the next time we have a beer! PS will your neighbours make you repent and lay off old Haymaker :twisted: :wink:
OK, I'll bite. What is a JW? ahhhh, I know. You don't need to answer.

And yea, I am interested in the machine, but just don't know how to get it as we live 220 miles from Roger. I will call him and see if he is coming to Miles City soon. Or if Casey is going to Roger's. Those are good guys and they will help. Doesn't look like the machines are too big.

But why is she selling it?
I had my dad phone the lady and it is not a Genuine CHI machine. Might be OK but I don't know.

I am to be meeting Roger tomorrow to pick up some mineral so will finally get with the "PROGRAM"
Glad to see the light bulb came on reguarding the "JW's" :wink:
Wow a thread about chi machines! :D

I always wondered how many people had these things hehe.

I bought mine from these guys a while back.


I've got the chi machine deluxe. I (try to) use it every day. Usually whilst watching the TV in the evenings hehe. Easiest way to make sure you do 15 minutes is to keep yourself occupied. I love the infrared foot massaging feature too. Makes your feet all tingly.

All in all i'd have to say it does help my feeling of well being. Of course with most things like this i reckon there's always a big placebo effect. But that's never a bad thing surely?

It's a great thing to get out when friends come over too. They usually say "what the hell is that!?" :shock: Then after 15 minutes on it they're loving it. :D
FH-I thought you must be talking about a machine to make latte tea.
Thanks for waking me up to 2005's latest gizmo :wink:
rancher's wife, here is another site on the Chi machines.


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