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Letter to RCJ blasts GF&P

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Liberty Belle

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Feb 10, 2005
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northwestern South Dakota
Deer depredation

Deer reduction plans in Rapid City have cost us tens of thousands of dollars. GF&P consistently shuns responsibility for property damage from over-population. We must beg their permission to deal with the problem (citing their deer "ownership"), but they deny any financial obligation.

In a country where laws protect city people from searches without probable cause, and country folks apparently have no such rights, how can GF&P and the governor's office justify entering land without permission to verify presence or absence of criminal activity:

When it relates to animals that are not only hunted but also cause financial depredation hardship for those landowners?

When GF&P has made it abundantly clear that it denies any responsibility for those same animals in the city of Rapid City?

GF&P has a depredation problem, by their own admission, as there does exist a fund for depredation.

Doesn't it seem reasonable to trust ranchers as honest people first, change the law and allow property rights to be restored to these rural private property owners?

Let's see, they're GF&P's deer until they might cost them money, then they're the city people's deer. Then city people have property rights, but rural folks don't.



Rapid City
I forgot to note, for those who are not from around here, that Jerry Munson is a former mayor of Rapid City and had to deal with GF&P numerous times through the years he was in office. He has had more than one run-in with them and understands them very well.
I think he did a real good job. He has is right when he says they want to manage with very little cost to them.

Talked to a guy that has been applying for a "any elk license" in the Black Hills for several years-- he was denied again this year. It costs you 5 dollars every year you apply. Then they had extra cow licenses available and he had to send another 5 dollars in-- again he was denied. I think I read that 47,000 applied for this license this year.

I would have thought that they would have put those people who had already paid the 5 dollars in for the extra cow licenses for nothing but like I have asked before; Whose all about money?

Seems like the definition of management is; having alot of wildlife to sell licenses.

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