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Lewis cattle oilers

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Oct 5, 2007
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Central Alberta,Canada
3 out of 4 pumps on our 2 oilers are dead . Is it worth it to buy new ones for them or should we just try to converts our oilers to Clews oilers instead. If that is even possible :?
I think we replaced all 4 pumps when we bought the used oilers 8 years ago .

Any help/tips is appreciated ,
Thanks .
talk about deja vu, iv'e been fiddling with mine for a few days now, and have determined that the pump is dead. phoned up the guy for some trouble shooting advice. he said to check all the lines for crack's and to check the check valve, to make sure that it's working.take chack valve off and put finger over hole and work pump it should create a fair amount of suction if not pump is gone. mine is only four years old,not so sure that it's a "good"piece of iron,lot's of fiddle f@rting around, not cheap, hard to move etc.

page 135 of "The Book" looks like they do have a conversion kit available but at what cost?

just talked to the guy at Clews, 1400$ for a conversion kit
Do the clews oilers work good? I saw them at a farm show a few years ago but havn't seen them since and lost the info. After reading your posts I saw a picture on their web sight.
Yikes ,that is pricey for the conversion kit ,but then so are those darn pumps.

I am going to call Lewis on Mon and find out the cost of pumps again and then go from there. Might be cheaper to manually oil the cattle all summer :shock:

Thanks hayguy .

3ML&C I have no idea ,I just came across some info about it today .
just had my lewis guy here, pump's are 75$ check valves 25$about 20$ for new hoses. don't be afraid to take the pump apart,i did and got it working again,relativlely simple. my problem was a pluged tube going down the wick.
We have never had a Lewis, but have a Clews. The tank cracked on it and was too expensive to replace, so I went a got a steel hydraulic fluid tank at Princess auto and plumbed the bottom. Built a clear line in the side to site check oil level. Perfect ever since. We cut the tires off an old auger to make a set of transport wheels.
Interesting SLR , thanks.

Thanks Hayguy , we took the pumps all apart last fall and they are caput thought we could just buy some normal pumps and tweak them to work, no such luck. I will get the rep out here to replace the pumps, hopefully they last at least another 10 years .

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