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Liberals hate arguing

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Jul 23, 2007
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Leftist Thinking - Always Grotesquely Amusing

August 2, 2012
By Neal Boortz

Liberals hate arguing. They hate arguing because they can’t. Liberals love stating their opinions and positions .. but they hate the idea of defending them if that requires the use of logic or having to deal with actual fact.

Examples? Sure! How much time do you have?

A proggie will tell you that people have a right to health care. They are stating a position there, not arguing. So some right wing nut-job walks up to them and asks: “So, it’s your position that you have the right to compel another free individual to give up either a portion of their life or their property in order to provide you with health care?” Uh oh. If the prog has any rational thinking skills at all they suddenly understand – though only vaguely – that the nut-job has a point! Medical care is a service provided by individuals – and he’s arguing that he has a right to those services. He’s in trouble, and he knows it … so he just blurts out “You just want children and old people to get sick and die.” That, if you will remember, was a comment made by Alan Grayson on the floor of the congress several years ago.

Well … if you’re a liberal, and you know that you just can’t rationally defend your position … what do you do? You perform the rhetorical equivalent of stomping your feet and holding your breath until you turn blue --- you start screaming “Hater! You’re a hater!”

Did you see that amazing video of the jerk who drove up to a Chick-fil-a drive-in window to harass the clerk? “How do you sleep at night working for this corporation?” “This is a horrible corporation with horrible values.” And, of course, he threw out the “hater” word several times. How infantile. You can’t argue logically with someone, so you just call them a hater. You don’t like what someone says, so you call it hate speech. Someone holds values that you don’t share .. so they’re full of hate. As it turns out, this idiot boss saw the video, and fired him. Gotta love that.

These people are out there folks. You’ve seen them. You have some idea of what sort of America they would like to live in .. and you know who they vote for when the go to the polls. And you know what to do to neutralize their votes.

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