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Jun 7, 2005
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I was looking through some pictures that I'd taken on a trip to California. One picture was of a cougar sunning on a cliff. I didn't notice his (her?) expression at the time, but i did in the photo. It was quite studious looking out at (fill in the blank), and I tried to figure out what it was thinking. Couldn't do it, so i put myself there and ended up coming up with a point of view i have concerning life and its mysteries. (Beware, if you are offended by Christians, because this will be slightly graphic for you, and you can exit now.) here's what it was:

As the shadows fade further into the distance away from this cliff, Lord, I see more of what you have in store for me. It is very beautiful, I would really like to go and see those things. Not now? Later, when you say? Okay, I'll wait. I see some very scary things out there. I need to learn how to deal with those things for when I get up to them, but I hope You'll go with me.

Today is the day to go? i need your help getting off this cliff. Alright, thanks. Whoa! All these things are even more beautiful up close, but those scary things are sure threatening. I'm real glad you'll be going with me.

Lord, You've travelled with me a long time, and helped me get past the scary things. I thank You for your help and presence. From what i remember, those shadows should be coming up pretty soon. I am awfully frightened of what's in them. What do You mean? They're gone? The most beautiful part of the trip is where the shadows used to be! i will live there forever and no scary things will be there. Will You be with me there? Yes, You will,. Thank You!