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Life's Mistakes

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Feb 13, 2005
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Gilroy/San Martin, Ca.
Dad and I were talking about mistakes you make in Life.

He said that he's made his share of mistakes and OWN's them all but only one stands out BIG TIME in his mind.

In his first marriage it was obvious Things were not working out. Out of Respect, Love, and his Personal Morals he went WAY out of his way to not have another girl or girls involved.

She looked and looked for years - - unable to find "That Bitch" she had to face the fact that it was "Her" or "Him" - - - Of course it was "HIM" and 40 years later it's still "HIM"! Even with the KIDs

His Advise! Always have that third party involved - - Then it's never you it's - -
THAT No Good Bitch/Ass Stole Her/Him Away.

Make sure the third party is not some one you really care about or they will suffer your X's Rath. :mad:
I feel for you, but could you clarify everything you posted???? Seems you are very angry, but I can't support you with what you have presented. Send me a pm as I have a "gut feeling" what you're writing about. Been there, done that.

Hanta Yo
The biggest mistake which can color all life a somber color is unforgiveness.
People will always make mistakes, intentionally or unintentionally,
and hurt us one way or the other, like your mother did you, V_Key.

We cannot undo their mistake, anymore than you can undo your mother's.
We can only decide we won't carry that heavy suitcase of blame, rage, and grief.
(Unforgiveness, afterall, only eats our guts out, not theirs! :roll: )

Here is my experience from my belief base. Hope it offends none:
I say to God, "God, you are good at forgiving. Thank you for being good at forgiving. Because You forgive me everyday for the things I do self-centeredly :oops: without thinking of how it will effect someone else. Like today I hurt ___badly by not taking time to listen :oops: . And I didn't even think to offer help to ___when she could have used some :oops: :oops: .
In fact I've hurt others often and needed forgiveness from them and You.
So now I want to hand over this heavy load of unforgiveness towards ___ because I cannot forgive them on my own. You know how I'm feeling about them (#$XY@* :twisted: ). And I want to leave it with you, God, since You promise us forgiveness through Jesus' sacrifice for our self-centeredness and wrongs. How can I thank you wnough for that?

But God, I'll probably be back setting this same old suitcase before you because something in me likes to wallow in self-pity instead of being set free :???: . Why is that?
So I'm making the decision now to remember to thank you for taking over the problem and working it out so I don't have to pick it up daily and carry it through life.
You do good work, God. :) . Did I mention that before? I love you."