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Lightening kills rancher and 34 head of cattle in CO

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Feb 11, 2005
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NE WY at the foot of the Big Horn mountains
Members here may already know this happened. I did see somewhere that the family is related to the Moreland family.
Peach, is that true? If so, our deepest condolences to you and your family.
I guess that is possible but strange as his nephew was struck by lightening on his horse just a few years ago.
How did you know that? I missed it.

A purebred Angus breeder put a bale of hay out in a round bale feeder THE DAY OF HIS BULL SALE. The sale is held in town so after the sale he headed home and found that bale feeder was struck by lightening and killed every cow that was around the feeder. It was several head, but nothing like 34. This was the end of March and there usually isn't lightening in SE Montana that early in the year.

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