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Lil Hippo

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I'm here. No one tied me up. I just found a lot to do. Its not summer anymore. I have completed a week of classes. I have gotten a job for on-campus as a landscaper. Thanks for your concern. :) I have more time over the weekend, I'll get back to this. :) :) :) :)
Nothing real great has happened. I have a cold. :( I don't even have much in the way of assignments. I found a church here that starts at 8:25, and gets out at 9:25, with S School at night. It's great. How goes yer classes Tibbs? I forget what you were taking.
My spanish class i was in didn't get enough students so it was canceled....ughh...torked me off, but when i was in college I sure as hell didn't want to take a night class either, so I don't blame anyone for not signing up for it. I went to a Spanish class that was offered the same time but it was the basic basic spanish and mostly just vocabulary, and I sat in on that one class and thought I was going to explode...my ADD was kicking in and i wanted to just jump up and scream. Only about two of the students in there could even pronounce anything in spanish....plus the teacher was a rather large white man who apparantly didn't know how to button his pants, cause he wore a belt but left his pants unbuttoned so they stuck out and ick....and he was about as monotone as anyone i've met. I decided i didn't need to put myself through that since I can pronounce just fine and that class wouldn't of done anything for me. I literally sat at the desk just wiggiling and moving and shifting around cause I have a hard time sitting someplace like that especially under those circumstances.....ughh....anyway...

The Crisis Intervention Class hasn't started yet....not till like the second week of september. I'll keep ya'll posted.
TX Tibbs,
Sorry about the Spanish class. Sounds lilke they'd be able to use you and the crisis intervention where kATRINA HIT. tHIS IS HUBBY'S LAPTOP AND IT KEEPS SHIFTING INTO CAPS LOCK. MAYBE MY FINGERSW ARFE TOO FAT.


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