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Lil Lilly had a great run last night....

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Feb 16, 2005
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South East Texas

On Tank. This was an 8 run series. She didn't take him to the first one. But made 7 clean runs on him throughout the series. She not only won the 1D last night. But it finished her in first place for the whole series and she wins the buckle!!!!! So proud of her, for stickin with this lil bay horse!
Fantastic run!! That horse is getting really consistent. They
make a good team. I'm happy to see her focusing on the next
barrel before she rune to it. That csn br hard to do for some and
it's really important. Keep posting videos of her runs, if you will.
They are exciting to watch.She's doing a great job of riding him
too. Let's see her belt buckle!!

Tell her CONGRATS from me!!!
Thanks Faster horses.....it's so fun to watch her do so well. They won't give out the awards for a couple weeks. But I'll be sure and get a pic of it and post it when she gets it.

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