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Lil Lilly's Buckle

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Feb 16, 2005
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South East Texas
I do believe that this is the prettiest buckle I've ever seen. The folks at Magnolia Community Horse Club outdone themselves!!!! They done an awesome job on the whole series....and with the prizes as well.

She's awful proud of this one.
She'll wear it....Cuppy Cake (if he wants one....will either hafta earn it...or go buy one) haha

She said today......"Is fascinated by males some days." to which I said, "Already?" and she said....."He's worries the train is stuck in the yard!!"

They planted grass seed a few weeks ago...and have one of those tractor/train sprinklers. Told her....if it gets stuck..don't worry...we gotta tractor that'll more than pull it out hehe.
Congrads to Lil Lilly!!!! It is beautiful and will look pretty darn good on her...as for the male mentality??? She'll learn..lol

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