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Listen to Mark Purdey on the Power Hour May 5, 2005

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Feb 11, 2005
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Home on the Range, Alberta
Dave Von Kleist and Joyce Riley Von Kleist of "The Power Hour" will be interviewing Mark Purdey tomorrow morning sometime during their program. May 5, 2005.

Just google "the power hour" to find the internet site which will help you find a station that carries them, or listen on the internet with Real Player. They are on the GCN satellite network.


If you can't catch it live in the morning. You can listen to a replay of the show in the evening. Check the webpage for more information.

Have a good night!
Reader, this isn't very polite of you to say. It is actually bloody rude!!!!!

I guess, once again, you want to stop people from listening to the show and making up their own minds. Are you afraid they will actually hear or see all the evidence which supports the environmental/ chemical/ metal causality of TSEs?

Shame on you!

If nothing, you are very, very persistent with your attempts to discredit any line of thinking you don't agree with, and more importantly, a line of thinking that you don't want anyone else to investigate.

You are so scared that your "infectious" theory will some day (soon) hit the bottom of the trash barrel. This fear you have of people finding out the truth shows you have a serious mental problem, and that your JOB is to do your best to squash any enlightenment.

Frankly, if you can't keep your defaming mouth shut, you should find a new place to hang out. People here actually have minds of their own! Most are independent cattlemen/women who are perfectly capable of making their own decisions without your prejudicial censorship.

This very popular radio program exists because there are hundreds of thousands of people who support their advertisers and subsequently this independent news-radio program. Reader, get a life!

reader (the Second) said:
For God's sake Kathy, this website has articles on how there was a conspiracy to bring down the WTC and the planes didn't cause the towers to collapse, the Pentagon wasn't hit with a plane.

I'm sorry, I went to it thinking it was an ordinary news website. I will not frequent a nuthouse which is causing harm to my country with wacko theories.

reader- I think everyone should go to the site and make up their own decision-- I did-- and I agree with you 100%-- a nuthouse........
I'm glad you went and looked at the site Oldtimer. Maybe if you spent more than a few minutes skimming it, you could actually form an opinion based on the facts presented.

You looked at the site, but you didn't see it! You need to let people decide for themselves and if you really don't like it, you had better give your reasons and the evidence to support your opinion. I always give reasons for what I believe in. Back up your opinions with facts.

70 years ago the world refused to believe the horrific reports coming out of the bread basket of eastern Europe, claiming that Stalin had starved to death 20 million people. History has revealed, however, that the unthinkable was, in fact, true.

Your refusal to entertain the unthinkable, is exactly what the Powers that be are counting on.

Stalin, himself, stated: "One death is a tragedy. A million deaths is a statistic".

Yep. Definitely a site for nutcases. Some folks can find a conspiracy situation in a can of tomato soup. Seems some folks have just too much free time on their hands or are spending too much time standing outside in the cold. Time to start clearing a landing zone for those black helicopters circling that are full of men with white lab coats and large nets and straight-jackets.
Kathy - I haven't been to the site you gave so I don't know what it is about. I am sorry that you got so much abuse from supposedly "balanced thinkers" on this board. I suppose they think that the extremes of their attacks on you are more acceptable than the alluded extremes on the "offensive" site you suggested.
:shock: Believing that people in power could never do anything awful is what this discussion is all about. In fact it is the premise behind pages like this, books like this, and many other facts like this. The powers behind these types of horrific acts depend on the very much accepting minds of humans.

Not every conspiracy is proven, but more often than not, the conventional arguement is never proven either.

Call this page a nuthouse if you like, it simply shows your fear of what may lie beyond your own grasp of reality.

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