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Livestock marketing info., "Livestock Round up"

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Feb 11, 2005
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North Central SD, South Central ND
Hi All---I didn't know where to post this--Ranch Talk, Coffee Shop, or Bull Session--probably could go in all.

I received notice that the new "Livestock Round up" is available online at:


The Livestock Round Up is a newsletter discussing economics and associated impacts on the livestock industry. This edition has a discussion on Beef Demand, the Canadian cattle industry and other factors influencing the prices of cattle and sheep.

Some might remember in the 70's and 80's when this publication came out in a paper form. In the mid 1990's, do to printing costs, paper costs, postage, and budget cuts, the newsletter met it's fate. That is until recently!!! The newsletter has been revived and is put together by the LMIC (24 Extension Ag Economists (mostly livestock economists) at land grant universities, 5 cooperating USDA agencies, and seven associate livestock related organizations.)

Publication dates are March, June, September and December. Articles will focus on livestock markets and related issues. The major species covered in terms of market situation and outlook will be cattle, hogs and sheep. Other species and related industries also will be covered periodically.

James Mintert, Kansas State University Extension Service livestock marketing economist, is serving as editor. He authored an article titled "What is Consumer Demand for Beef?"

The article emphasizes that understanding consumer demand for beef, its key determinants and how to analyze changes in demand, can be challenging. Part of the difficulty comes from confusion over terminology. Often market analysis focuses on cattle and beef supply because, in the short run, supply changes more frequently than demand. However, demand also is important in determining prices for cattle and beef products.

The article titled "A Closer Look at the Canadian Cattle Industry" focuses on how BSE-related issues have affected the cattle industry in Canada and how the cattle and beef trade between the U.S. and Canada is changing.

Articles also discuss the factors influencing cattle and sheep prices and the increases in numbers that are occurring in those industries.

This newsletter looks to have lots of valuable, pertinent info. that could be useful to all of us (that is in my opinion.) It took some time to download but was well worth it!

Happy reading and learning!!!




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Feb 12, 2005
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Here's another great site, with alot of market and management info. Enjoy!


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