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LMA and Checkoff

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Big Muddy rancher

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Feb 10, 2005
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Big Muddy valley
This lady hit the nail on the head. To bad she couldn't do it to Haymaker. :cowboy: :wink:

Cow-Calf Weekly Mailbag
LMA's Checkoff Crusade Cost The Industry Dearly
I am distressed with the Livestock Marketing Association (LMA) and what I deem to be its uncooperative, litigation-driven response to the U.S. Supreme Court's positive ruling on the checkoff.

I did not see the LMA step up to the "plate" in the 1970s when cholesterol and fat required major scientific nutrition testing and positive image publicity.

The checkoff is the only way to spread "promotion, research and education" across the industry. Mandatory is the only fair way to keep the "shirt tailers" from feeding on the true producers.

LMA could have come to the table years ago when they were invited by the Cattlemen's Beef Board Executive Board to present their grievances innumerable times. The Board even offered to go to them to avoid spending producers' money for litigation costs.

It's too bad the loser didn't have to pay the court costs. What a waste of productive time and money.
Elaine P. Swiler
Indian Valley Stock Farm
Cameron, NY
Dont pay no teshun ta those ole packa lover stories BIG DUMMIE,they wouldnt know the truth if it bit em in the ass,they blame the LMA & R CALF for every thang I believe if their ugly wife ran off with the milk man they would blame R CALF..............good luck PS you better be careful callin MISS TAM a crook,she can get mean.

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