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LMA Has Border Conditions

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Today 2/22/2005 10:29:31 AM

Cattle Update: LMA Says Border Should Stay Closed Until 3 Conditions Are Met

AUSTIN, TEXAS – Livestock Marketing Association has called for the U.S. border to remain closed to Canadian cattle and beef until three conditions are met.

According to a resolution passed by LMA's Board of Directors, at its recent meeting here, the border should remain closed unless and until:

…There is full implementation of mandatory country-of-origin labeling (COOL);

…There is resumption of U.S. cattle/beef trade with Japan, Mexico and South Korea;

…Canadian cattle imports be accepted only in an "orderly marketing method."

The Directors noted that LMA, as a North American trade association, provides marketing services "to tens of thousands of cattle producers." Those producers, along with livestock auction markets and others involved in the industry could suffer "serious economic harm" by the additional findings of mad cow disease in Canada, and questions about the enforcement of Canada's ruminant feed ban, if the border is reopened March 7.

These factors could also "further erode consumer confidence in U.S. beef" and harm all those in the industry.

The Directors also said LMA supports the recent action taken by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, to keep Canadian boxed beef from animals 30 months or older, from entering the U.S.

Under LMA by-laws, the resolution will be presented to LMA's members. For the resolution to be overturned, a majority of at least 30 percent of those members must vote "no."

If less than 30 percent of the membership votes, the resolution will stand.
Well, at least LMA isn't hiding behind bogus food safety and animal health arguements!! Their conditions are all economic ,in nature. Why can't R-calf be this honest and state their real reasons,as such, rather than suggesting that BSE prions may be present in muscle meats.Heaven help them if BSE is ever reported in a native American animal. :(
If we do get a case of BSE and their is a slim chance of it being in muscle meats I for one want only tested beef on my plate for my kids and grandkids.
Idon't think it is ever but when it is dicovered in an American animal! R-calf is going to become the destroyer of the american rancher!
Rancher, I don't want to get into whether or not 100% testing is necessary,warranted or effective in whatever age of cattle.But I do think that there are a bunch of people kidding themselves about how expensive 100% testing could be. The cost of the test kits,currently,is a small portion of the true cost. Labour to perform the tests,carcass segregation and extra cooler space,administration and oversite,etc. etc. etc. must be added in to the final per/head cost. Make no mistake, whatever that cost is, it will end up being passed down the ladder to the cow/calf producer.
Another factor is that, at this time, the demand for test kits is for less than 300,000 kits per year. What will happen to the price of the kits themselves, if their use is mandated, and the demand for them goes up to 50,000,000 kits per year?? The potential is there for the cattle industry to be held for ransom!!! Just my opinion. :? :?
Saying it's inappropriate to re-open the border in light of recent BSE discoveries and the uncertainty of how many additional cases may be detected, National Farmers Union is encouraging co-sponsorship of legislation to rescind the USDA plan to resume Canadian live cattle trade.

NFU President Dave Frederickson Monday commended Representatitves Stephanie Herseth (D-SD), and Barbara Cubin (R-WY), for introducing legislation to keep the border closed to Canadian cattle and beef products. The bill is similar to a bipartisan Senate bill introduced earlier this month.

Frederickson pointed out America's largest export markets remain closed to US beef due to the perception that BSE exists in the domestic cattle herd following the discovery of a Canadian-origin cow in Washington state.

"Because of this, our producers have endured an economic loss of more than $2 billion," he said in a release. "USDA should not open the flood gates to Canadian cattle and beef at least until those markets are re-established."

Frederickson outlined measures the group wants to see happen before the border is re-opened:

· Verification that Canada's cattle herd and beef products are BSE-free and that it is 100% compliant with the ruminant feed ban.

· Full implementation of mandatory country-of-origin labeling in the US.

· Provision of rapid-test technology to all US slaughtering facilities.

· Creation of a guaranteed economic safety net for American producers in case imports of cattle and beef products from BSE-positive countries undermines domestic profitability.

National Farmers Union is calling on producers and consumers to urge US representatives and senators co-sponsor the pending legislation and oppose reopening the border until these conditions are met.
The LMA wants. Canadian cattle imports be accepted only in an "orderly marketing method."

Funny the supposedly free market group LMA wants orderly marketing. Sounds kinda "Socialist " to me.

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