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Feb 10, 2005
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Montgomery, Al
December 21, 2005
LMA’s Market Relief Fund provides $110,000 to producers, markets hit by twin hurricanes

Livestock Marketing Association’s Market Relief Fund has distributed over $110,000 to producers and markets hurt by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita.

The fund was created with $30,000 in LMA “seed money” in August, immediately after Hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf Coast.

Contributors have included LMA member markets and their customers. LMA CEO Mark Mackey expressed LMA’s special thanks to the Texas Cattle Feeders Association, for contributions totaling $66,877.

“We very much appreciate the efforts of TCFA CEO Richard McDonald, and Chairman of the Board Charlie Sellers, for their outstanding support of markets, and the producers they serve every day,” he said.

TCFA worked with markets in Texas and Oklahoma, which held special fund-raising sales – as did several markets across the country.

So far, the Fund has collected $118,586.

Markets in the affected areas provided producers with needed supplies of all kinds, from fence posts to livestock feed. Several markets also went to producers in their area, transporting livestock to safety or to market.

Markets were reimbursed by the Fund for the materials they distributed, along with the livestock transportation costs.

The markets’ receipted expenses were audited by LMA, TCFA and the state LMAs in Texas and Louisiana.

LMA Region Executive Officer Keith Chapman recently presented reimbursement checks to:

Kinder, La., Livestock Auction, $18,374; Dominique Stockyards, Lafayette, La., $13,058; Brown Stockyard, Baton Rouge, La., $7,885; Miller Livestock Markets, DeQuincy, La., $11,400; Amite, La., Livestock Sales, Inc., $7,808; Kentwood, La., Stockyard, $4,934; Raywood, Texas, Livestock Market, $3,640; Livingston, Texas, Livestock Exchange, $2,695; H&H Stockyard, Raceland, La., $2,080.

At H&H, Warren Hohensee returned the check to the Fund.

LMA Region Executive Officer Keith Chapman recently distributed Market Relief Fund checks to principals at nine markets, for their work in helping producers hurt by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita.

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