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Long Rider Gene Glasscock riding to all 48 capitals

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rancher 001

Apr 20, 2005
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South Dakota
My wife and I were lucky enough to meet Gene this past weekend he and his horses stayed the night and had a meal. What an individual, he is riding to all 48 capitals horseback, he has 7 left. he has been doing it over two years and expects to finish in December. He is riding for the philips fund to educate young people from Paraguay at a christian college in Florida then they must return to help their people. He was also the only one to ride from the arctic circle to the equator, he did that in the 80's He has a website www.geneglasscock.org check it out. He also looks for assistance along the way with a place to stay and keep his horses. He travels about 20 miles a day and is heading for St Paul, left Redfield SD this last weekend, so heads up along the way!
I've seen plenty of these guys and invariably I FEEL SORRY FOR THE HORSES! Many times it seems they suffer for no reason other than a little human noterietry.

Don't mean to throw cold water here, and I hope this guy is a cut above the rest.

I have turned some of these vagabonds in to the authorities, the abuse was so bad. Thin, lame and sick animals and riders with no idea what a horse goes through to travel down some of these back roads and highways. It really is a shame.

Animals can't speak up, but I can in certain conditions.
Although I am sure that it does happen not in this case!!! His horses are taken care first and formost!! I was actually surprised that they were in as good of shape as they are considering the length of time they have been on the road. Anything that Gene isn't able to handle, he finds a local vet in fact one of his horses is at a vet in ND because of a blister from a boot. There have been arrangements made for the horse to be brought up to the rest later on. If you go to the website you can see pictures of the trip and easily see these are very well cared for, I know from the time we spent with him that this man would always put his mounts before anything, He rides a reasonable distance usually around 20 miles in a day hope this lets you know this is about as far from abuse of animals you can get!! In fact the love he shows them is more like family!!!
That is fantastic. And that is how it should be when you send horses on a trek of that magnitude. I figured he was probably alright or someone would have stopped him long before now. I will check out the website just for fun. Thanks!

I have seen others and it isn't always such a nice thing as what you are mentioning. There was a bad deal by Miles City year before last. I sent the Sheriff to check that out. It was way too hot to be riding down the highway, and the horses and DOG looked about all in. I heard later that they stopped the guy and wouldn't let him travel on with the animals~as they were thin and lame.

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