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Macon, what I don't like about this format

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Feb 10, 2005
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Mississippi, USA
The thing I liked about the old format was that when you opened the page, you could quickly see WHO was talking about WHAT. You could follow who was having a conversation and see how the conversation changed by the way the subject changed within a thread. The people here is what made ranchers.net what it is(WAS) and now I can't see who is posting where. If you format the topic page so that it shows the complete threads, I think that would make this new format a lot more user friendly for those that were more comfortable with the old format. I go to a sports page that works like that. When you click on the post at the top of the thread, all the post in that thread opens like this format. When you click on a post within the thread, all the post below the one you clicked on open.

Look at your members list...a lot of the people that posted on the old page aren't posting now. If you want to keep the essence that was the old ranchers.net, I think this change would help. I'm with Tommy on this new format...I DON'T LIKE IT. If you don't change it, you'll make one person happy...my wife!!!!
The threaded vs nested forum debate is a lot like the blonde vs brunette debate. It's just which ever you prefer. There is no "right" answer. Each has it's advantages. But the first forun software on the Internet was wwwBoard a threaded forum which BrowserBoard on ranchers.net was a copy. Today there are several hundred thousand forums online... and over 90% are nested. Most people seem to prefer it.

Another reason for this format is that I'm 62 years old and have a hard enough time remembering how to operate pbpBB (this software). No way do I want to try to learn to operate a different one. Sorry.
62, You only look 39 in your picture. Seriously, I think we'll all get on to this new system and continue to be amused by the content. That's what we're here for isn't it! Good info. bickering, it's all fun. If we had more important things to be doing, we'd be doing them anyway, not dependant on the system being used. Be thankful someone like the BOSS is willing to spend his time doing this at all.

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