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mad cow disease, we have it BAD

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Just came in the house, poured me a cold one,
relaxing and listening, to the music being done.
Can't help but wonder, as the music I hear,
will this be another, hot and dry year?
And yes it will be like this, for another 5 days,
For our cows and their babies have had a parting of ways.
We have mad cows, it's an epidemic alright,
We just weaned the babies, AND THIS IS THE VERY FIRST NIGHT
SW...the way that you take the ordinary and the mundane and make it extraordinary and indeed a talen!!! don't ever stop!!!! your poem made me think of the night before we ship out the babies to auction...our corrals are not 25 yards from my bedroom window...crying and bellering all night long.....but, who needs sleep!!!
Our daughter says she has to sleep in the basement because the cows keep her up, that is an excuse to be close to the TV, aren't kids so thoughful, their insight into the world and to see what they can get away with so great. I was born at night but it was not last night
my 5 year old uses the howls of the coyotes at night to climb into my king size bed...usually around 2 am!!! sounds fine except the little sh## sleeps SIDEWAYS....then he just bats those baby-blues!! yep...i'm a sucker, too, sw!!! it's okay, nowadays, to be a softie....at least that's what the "experts" say!!!

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