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Big Muddy rancher

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Feb 10, 2005
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Big Muddy valley
I spelled Moderators in the heading like I did in Honor of those that opposed change. I know Macon is a moderator as this is his page and we have gotten to know him. The Old Boss is back and we know he doesn't like censorship but who the heck is EAGLE . no interests no track record that we know. for all we know it could be NEBRUKER ha ha. I thought we were behaving pretty well and wonder what the need for all these moderators are? :cowboy:
PS I do like the new pages as I feel they run faster and quickly check between sessions.
Seeing as how I am talking to myself. What are Hidden users? Are they ashamed of what they say? Are they in the FBI witness protection program? Why do we have a site to register then have hidden users?
While I'm on a rant whats with the gusets. I can see maybe three posts as a guest to get familiar with the site but what does registering accomplish if guests can come and go like before? Just my wonderings. :cowboy:
I thought we were being VERY good! Some days it's almost a little too tame. As for the "guests", it sure would be nice to know who you're talking to. I thought that was the whole point of this new forum, having to register and all.
Have you noticed that somebody that registered must have unregistered? My number used to be 117 and now it is 116. I noticed at the time that faster horses must have held out to be number 100. Now she has dropped to 99.

In 1972, my old lottery number for the draft was 119, and they were taking everybody through 125. Of course, a person couldn't "unregister" so easily from that.
What the need for all these moderators?
It's amazing how few problems occur, but sometimes a Board is attacked by porn sites wanting free links to their home pages and occasionally you have true "trolls" from another site that decide to post as a group for their fun and amusement and post a couple of hundred messages in one night. And it's nice to be able to spread around the work.:wink:

What are Hidden users?
You have that option in Profile. It just hides your User name when you are online. Not sure why people choose to use it.

Have you noticed that somebody that registered must have unregistered?
Thats me. I deleted mgravlee. Didn't need two accounts.
Thanks for the clear up mgravlee. Muddy, you're hiliarious! Have a good day all!

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