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Mail Delivery?

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Feb 10, 2005
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Just wondering from some of your posts about the long distances from a town- Do all of you get mail delivered to your property or do you go into town to pick it up? And what about United Parcel Service?
we are one of the lucky ones...our mail box is located at the end of our drive, only about one and a half miles from the house...makes for a nice walk in the spring! UPS and Fed Ex have both delivered to our door...one of the nice things about such a small town environment like ennis is that if someone is trying to find where you are, all they have to do is stop and ask just about anyone :wink:
Our mailbox is located in the post office of our local town, thirteen miles away. When my wife and I were first married, we lived on a ranch twenty miles south of town. We moved to this place in 1986, a distance of 33 miles, and we still had the same address. There was no hassle getting our address changed on incoming mail.

For United Parcel Service and Fed Ex, our "physical address" did change. We have told them they can leave stuff for us at the local gas station, and let us know it is there. This saves them a trip out over our rough roads if we happen to be going to town anyway.
We get 3 days a week mail service here. My mail box is where my drive joins a more main road, about 1/4 mile away. As a mattter of fact, my Dad was the one who got rural mail service in my community. It was originally a Star Route, now is called a Highway Contract. Through the years the route has changed as people move away and homes are relocated it is now about 1/2 mile closer to my box than when the route was started. We can also pick mail up at the post office during the hours they are open. I live in South Dakota, but my mailing address is Kilgore Nebraska, this confuses some people, my telephone exchange is also from a different town.

UPS & Fed EX will delive to my door. Sometimes they are faster than Parcel Post sometimes not, depends from where it was shipped. They don't deliver on weekends. Saturday is one of the days we get mail. When all things are considered, I believe our mail system is one of the things the government has done a good job with.
Along the same lines, how far is it to your closest large animal vet?

Do you take livestock to haul in facilities or does the vet come to you?
We are 20 miles to town for mail and Fedx just leaves parcels at the store as we don't have rural delivery.
The closest vet is 60 miles . We haul most problems to vet but preg checking , bull testing and colt castrating are done on the ranch.
We are 4 miles from the local post office. Our vet is about 50 miles from here and is primarily small animal, so he doesn't have facilities for large animals. Therefore, everything is done on the farm.
One thing about those UPS and Fed-ex boys- they do get around...I've seen them on old one lane trails by the Missouri River and 20 miles from nowhere on a road next to the Canadian border- all times of the year and in all kinds of weather...Many times when the roads are in bad shape, they call and I have a house in town I own where they can drop stuff- but they do make every effort...

I'm only about 5 miles from town so get my mail at a post office box- so many of the rural deliveries have cut back and little post offices have closed, I see more and more people renting boxs at the post office....
I get mail 6 days a week at the end of my driveway. 1/4 mile from the house. UPS arives at about 5:00 PM
45 miles to town, mail, and vet for us. Loomis and Fedex wouldn't consider coming here, won't even drop in town for us without a lot of hassle. I guess I need to buy a house in town just for them. :x .
We get mail delivered three days a week to a box 3 miles away, if you are in town, you can pick up the mail 6 days a week. The postmaster will call if you have packages to you can meet the delivery man. UPS will come out here, most of the drivers have either been pulled out of the mud, snow or given rides from us when they break down so we get to know them really well. If it gets real bad now they will try to call and meet us somewhere or leave things at the post office or the church for us. FEDEX is a whole different story, they try not to leave the pavement even if the package is prepaid and paid for return like a semen tank. They won't even wait five minutes for me to transfer the semen to my tank because I have to call it in to schedule pickup. When you do that the operator will tell you that you have to return the tank to Billings as there is no FEDEX service in our county. When you tell them that that is 65 miles away and costs more in time and fuel and it is already paid for, you just get stupid questions about how could anyone live that far from town?
As for the vet, it is 40 miles to the closest, sometimes we drive, sometimes he does. We try to schedule things like bangs vaccinating at the same time as neighbors and split the mileage charge with the neighbor. But things happen so we keep a supply of things on hand to handle most emergency things. Besides, the 40 miles at 2.50 a mile adds up in a hurry :!: :!:
We are 60 miles from several towns of varying sizes. We have a post office either 15 muiles or 8 miles, depending on which way you go. We get mail 6 days a week right at our yard as our road is a mail route. Used to have a wonderful store and post office 2.5 miles away by road. Older couple sold out and that pretty much ended the store and post office. I build saddles so am on a first name basis with Fed X, UPS and the Scwans man! Damn that Schwans man! He's the reason my wiastline is too big!!!! :mad:

We have a village where we can get lots of things, 15 miles away. Vets are 60 to 75 miles so we have locals who are good at c-sections. We do most of our vet work ourselves and do as sw and have a bunch for them to do during bangs season or bull testing. Most vet work is done on the ranch. Horse vet work other than casteration goes to town. Sturgis or maybe Faith.

My wife drives 60 miles one way to her 5 day a week job. Sure makes it easy to stayed married when you don't see each other all that much! :lol:
Mail is picked up in town every day (almost) which is about 3 miles away. Vet services are about 20 miles from here, we usually haul everything in, unless the situation is such that they have to come here. Hate paying that mileage fee! We're lucky enough to live close enough to the one of only two vet colleges in Canada.
Vicki the vet said:
Ummm, there's four vet colleges in Canada, soon to be five.
UPEI, St. Hyacinthe, OVC in Guelph and WCVM in Saskatoon....

As far as I knew, there was only two. Guelph and the U. of S. Perhaps the other two are new?
I knew there was 3 (UPEI has been around just about as long as WCVM has...only no one goes there except Islanders). I did not know of one in Quebec....that is new to me.

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