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Manhattan Kansas, #1 in Forbes magazine.

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Mar 17, 2005
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the best places —top small metros

the best

Small Places
these metres score highest among those

with fewer than 250,000 people.

by kurt badenhausen

1. manhattan, kans.


projected annual job growth through 2013:1.8%

fast facts:

• average commute time of 17 minutes is one of the shortest in the united states

• kansas state has produced the second-most rhodes scholars among state schools since 1986

manhattan, nicknamed "the little apple," saw its economy hold up during the recession thanks in

large part to the stabilizing presence of kansas state university, the city's largest employer. the

school's 23,000 students provide a steady stream of young talent for Manhattan businesses

added, unknown fact....with NU leaving the Big 12, no more husker a-holes in town...that REALLY makes it a happy place to be!
Manhattan is a very nice city, but nebraska fans have nothing to do with it. Jigs you ought to just stick to selling hay, but if your as intelligent at that as you are with your comments on here i would imagine that its a real good business.
last comment was added just for Sandy and Loomix.... since they like to call it memorial Stadium south...
I sure will miss playing kstate though. It was a rivalry game for me, grew up in nebraska now live in kansas, sure is always fun to argue it out with each other, gets the blood a pumping.
I think a lot of it stems from the fact that Kansas people see it as a border battle, yet even wen we were competative, and won a few games, Huskers never gave us the credit...always down played the game...

I enjoy getting under husker fans skin...they are so easy to rile up.
Kansas gets my respect:

Republican Governor Sam Brownback said the state would give back the $31.5 million it received from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to become an early leader, along with six other states, in establishing health insurance exchanges that other local government could use as a model.

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