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Manitoba Bull Test Station

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Feb 10, 2005
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Northeastern B.C.
Due to the new format, I've lost the post about the test station. Can't remember who posted it...SASH maybe?

Anyway, if anyone knows the url would they mind posting it here?

Thanks, been looking at some of the Pleasant Dawn bulls online, and would sure like to check the numbers on the progeny.

Take care.
Thanks for posting the link.

Now for another question, anyone have any info about Meadows Charolais? Sure some impressive numbers on their bulls...wouldn't mind learning more about this breeder, but can't find much on the net.

Take care.
We've bought a few bulls over the years from Ian Milliken. They've all been good ones, and we've never had a hard calver out of the bunch.

He's been breeding Charolais bulls for a very long time, and is a good honest fellow to deal with. He's not big into the 'show' scene, and raises practical cattle that are not extreme.

I'd recommend giving him a call. His number is on the weigh sheet.
Thanks Kato. Appreciate the reply and information.

The Rio Blanco sons that I've seen in the Canadain Charolais assoc. breeders ads in the magazine are sure some dandy looking animals.

Take care.
Have you ever checked out K+K Hindsberg, they ve got some well built char bulls! Might be worth checking them out. If I can find the website Ill give you the link.

Here's a link worth your while if looking for a Charolais in Canada. Good honest people.

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