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Hanta Yo said:
How are you and yours doing?? :)

i think you and i were seperated at birth, Hanta!! i have been thinking the same thing all day long!! Sent a little "help" his way today.....not much, but hopefully it will help! Manitoba, if you get this, know all our prayers are still with you and your family!!
we are taking every day as a new day. Still not sleeping much at night as I worry about all we lost. We finally got our power turned back on at our feedlot today. Its been off since the fire because it burned a power pole down. I would like to thank everyone that has sent us donations. I m not sure how were ever going to be able to repay everyone, but im thinking if things ever get back to normal maybe we could take a tour and visit you'all. And give you all a big hug!!! Your kindness and letters and cards have brought a smile to my face as I read them. Thank you again and may god bless! Not sure when the cleanup will happen, likely after seeding and the cows get to pasture. Thank you everyone!!!
I doubt if there is any one of us who wants to be repaid.

However, a good old feller told me this truth once when he had done something so special for us and we wanted to 'repay him.' His words were:

"no need to repay me, just pass it on."

We have tried to live by what he taught us.

So, I think MR, what you got was something that was passed on to you...

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