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maple leaf & big dummie with the herd

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Feb 13, 2005
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say maple leaf with cows like ours,I dont have much use for M cool,yeah me either big dumie eh.
say maple leaf with cows like ours,I dont have much use for M cool,yeah me either big dumie eh.

Haymaker- I know that place- I think I may have even chased that cow back a few years ago- nearest water hole is 5 miles past that distant butte :lol: :lol: They sold all those cows to Canadians EH?- I hadn't realized thats were their herd expansion came from :wink:
Yeah old timer,lots of these long horn/watusi crosses went to canada as brood stock.I know they are pretty common in the BIG muddy area...............good luck
Good one HAY MAKER. Well, not too bad a try, anyway.

Say, I'm glad to see you try your hand at humour and stuf like that. It will help keep you from more harmful pursuits. :lol:

P.S. Please don't take up music.
That cartoon reminded me of when I was a kid and worked for a couple of large ranchs out in the Missouri breaks--some of that country looked just like that- and so did some of the cows- all horned herefords that never weighed a 1000 lbs- and you were lucky to get within a mile of them before their heads were up and they were running....Biggest job was finding water for them and keeping them moved to water and away from water holes going bad or pulling them out of bogs in the summer- than gather them in the fall.....All the pastures were between 25,000 and 50,000 acres in size... Before the horse trailer era so everything was done horseback....

One of these ranchs sold out and it was made into a grazing association with about 20-30 people- each bringing a couple hundred of their own cows to stock their allotment... I worked for them the first year--I remember a couple of guys that brought out some big old Contintental breed cows and one guy brought out his farm raised registered angus-- You couldn't hardly recognize them in the fall- they had just melted away- some died- some walked away from their calves and orphaned them...My uncle had joined the association and bought back some of the old hereford ranch cows- He had twice the calf crop that fall than some others and those old gals were bred back and ready to go....

Since then hundreds of miles of cross fences and hundreds of wells and water holes have been developed- Now the more MARC acceptable cattle can do well- but those old cows definitely had a place in history.....

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